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Why is it important to eat healthy?

Nowadays, eating habits have changed profoundly. The main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are increasingly replaced by snacks, even for subjects with controlled diets. anche in soggetti con regimi alimentari controllati. These changes in eating habits correlate with cardiometabolic alterations, especially obesity, dyslipidemia, insulin resistance and arterial hypertension.

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How is born

Chrono MedDiet Score

The Chrono Med-Diet Score (CMDS) project was born after careful analysis on the beneficial role of the Mediterranean Diet and the close relationship between nutrition and the health of global population, with particular reference to chronic-degenerative diseases. Starting from the Med Diet Score, developed by Trichopoulou et al., and the MEDI-LITE, proposed by Sofi et al, the CMDS proposes as an absolute novelty of the score the relationship between:

  • moment of intake of starchy foods,
  • time dedicated on physical activity,
  • daily energy balance.
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